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UV-C Whole-House Air Purifier Systems

The Original Air Probe Sanitizer(tm) - Whole-building UV-C central air germicidal purifier and sterilizing disinfection systemUltraviolet Air Probe Sanitizer
Ozone-free Whole-house Air Purification systems

Widely used in homes, commercial buildings, and hospitals

Top-of-the-line Central UV Air Purifier cleans, freshens, and sterilizes the air in an entire house or building using UV light ("UV-C").


Easily installs near cooling coil in central air
conditioning and heating system as shown below.

Model E-200 Dual-probe UV-C Air Purifier mounted above central air conditioner A-coil

UV-C Dual-probe Ultraviolet whole house air purifier model E-200 shown here.


See why all Ultraviolet-C light is not the same.

Superior to ordinary "in-duct" UV-C systems.



  • Eliminates odors, makes the air in your rooms smell fresh and clean while producing ZERO ozone.

  • Generates purifying negative ions, which are circulated out of your cooling and heating vents and into your living space by your central air conditioner's fan or blower.

  • Fights germs. Germicidal effect disinfects the air.

    • Kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold spores such as such as stachybotrys and black mold, etc. as they circulate through the system and past the UV lamps. Help stop the spread of diseases and sicknesses. Short wave (UV-C) kills or de-activates bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms, even if the organisms have become immune to other disinfection methods.

  • Stops mold and bacteria growth inside your central air conditioning system.

    • No more mildew and mold odor from your air conditioner.

  • Destroys VOC's (volatile organic compounds).

  • Eliminates the need to ever clean the mold out of your cooling coil (evaporator coil) again. (details below)

  • ELIMINATES the need for periodic duct cleaning by keeping your ductwork clean and dust-free inside.

  • Generates safe and highly effective hydroxyl ions - nature's own air purifier - that scrubs pollution from the earth's atmosphere. Hydroxyls and hydroxyl radicals are formed when the UV-C strips hydrogen atoms from water molecules (H20) forming hydroxyl ions (OH)-.

  • Helps decrease cooling costs.


No more air conditioner coil cleaning.

  • The high-energy UV-C ultraviolet rays from the probes shine on the cold air side of the air conditioner evaporator coil (like the A-coil shown above). This eliminates the mold, algae, slime, and gel formations that:

    • Act as breeding areas for bacteria

    • Can be blown out into the room, where they can be inhaled and cause sinus infections, sickness, and allergies.

    • Can plug the coil, inhibit air flow, and increase cooling costs.

As an experiment, an Air Probe Sanitizer was placed over a coil that had become 85% plugged with mold and slime, rather than cleaning it as usual.

Within 30 days, the airflow through the coil increased from 15% to 85%, due to the UV rays' cleaning properties.


  • Single probe units
    (E-100, T-100, FME-100)
    Suitable for motel and hotel rooms, and some small apartment units. Just $379 each. Only $341 each (10% Discount) when ordering two.
  • Dual-probe units
    (E-200, T-200, FME-200, shown below)
    Suitable for most whole-house central air conditioner installations. Just $579 each. Only $521 each (10% discount) when ordering two.

  • Single 16" long lamp unit (FME-100L) has the same UV power as a standard dual 8" lamp unit above and is only $479.00.

  • Dual-probe models are now available with 16" long UV-C probes for large areas with smoke, fumes, etc. Only $650.00 each. Only $585 each (10% discount) when ordering two.
  • Replacement standard (8") UV-C probes only $29.00 (to customers who originally purchased the Air Probe Sanitizer from us; otherwise, $39 ea. / 2 for $70.)

  • Replacement special 16" probes are only $55 each.
The residential germicidal Air Probe UV-C Sanitizers should be installed in your central air conditioner (or furnace combo) by your local licensed electrician or HVAC* professional. Prices do not include installation, but installation is very simple in many systems. View installation video


Model E-200
Dual-probe (two-bulb) UV-C air purifier in plenum near evaporator coil
In plenum near evaporator coil.

Cooled air blowing from the AC cooling coil is treated as it passes by these UV lamps on its way to the ducts.




"Watery eyes, runny noses, coughing stopped."
Palm Beach County Fire Department

"No more being awakened by coughing during the night."
E. Waintrup, Abington, PA

"Odors of carpeting, paint, new furniture, glues and cleaners are gone and breathing problems are gone."
J. Waldron, Royal Palm Beach

"Each morning I used to cough, blow nose for about four hours. Have not taken allergy medication in a month. I can breathe as soon as I awaken each morning."
D. Downes, Jupiter, FL

"Everyone in the family breathes much better and the children are much healthier."
D. Kurtycz, Grand Ledge, MI 

"First decent night's sleep and sinuses have not felt this well for years."
E. Stein, Lake Worth, FL

"My allergic reactions have been significantly reduced and my energy level has greatly increased."
A. Sherman, R.N. Riviera Beach, FL

"I am glad we discovered your product before wasting time and money on one of the other alternatives."
S. Miles, West Palm Beach, FL

"Yesterday I installed the E-200 in my air handler. Everything went perfectly and it is up and running. I was also very impressed with the quality of the product! I pictured it from the research I did and knew it was well made and designed, but it exceeded my expectations. Thanks for all the help with it and my E-900's."
Mr. M.S., Wilkes-Barre, PA

Click here to view more customer testimonial letters and scientific laboratory test results about the Air Probe Sanitizer.


The Original Air Probe Sanitizer™ is the first of its kind on the indoor air quality market. Underwriter's Labs have approved this system for use in HVAC systems. For the protection that you and your loved ones need, the Original Air Probe Sanitizer™ will take care of the job at a moderate cost.

The Air Probe Sanitizer can be custom manufactured to suit your needs at no additional cost. Pictured here are some of our more commonly installed units, designed to be installed near the cold air side of your central air conditioner's cooling coil.

Model E-200 UV-C Air Probe Sanitizer

The easiest to install in many locations.

Model E-200 UV-C Air Probe Sanitizer

Why cut big holes to mount a UVC unit externally? With the model E-200, there's no need to cut holes in sheet metal to clear the UV lamp sockets.
The E-200 easily installs inside of your air handler or duct near the air conditioner coil (as shown in the installation video). The electrical fittings are on one end as shown.
Includes clear Lexan viewport kit for safe visual indication of lamp operation.




Model FME-200 UV-C Air Probe Sanitizer

Model FME-200 Flush Mount UV-C Air Probe Sanitizer

Easily flush-mounts on OUTSIDE of duct or other part of system. The two UVC lamps (probes) and sockets fit through two 3.25" diameter holes cut in duct near A/C coil, usually with the hole centers 13" apart . (Rectangular holes can be slightly smaller.) Can be simply fastened in place with four small sheet metal screws, supplied. Electrical fittings are on one end as shown.
Includes built-in "light pipes" for safe visual indication of lamp operation.

Back view of FME-200 Air Probe Sanitizer



Model T-200 UV-C Air Probe Sanitizer
Model T-200 UV-C Air Probe Sanitizer

SAME AS E-200 ABOVE, EXCEPT ELECTRICAL FITTINGS ARE ON TOP INSTEAD OF ON THE END (as shown above). Useful in some installations where the A-coil is near the top of the duct or air handler. A 4" x 15" slot can simply be cut in the ductwork to clear the electrical fittings and light pipes on the back of the T-200, should your installation require it.
Includes built-in "light pipes" for safe visual indication of lamp operation.

Air Probe Sanitizer Single-probe models

Air Probe Sanitizer single-probe models

For limited space and very small airhandler installations, such as motel and hotel rooms and small apartment units.


Where necessary, single- and double-probe "Umbilical cord" models, in both 8" and 16" UV-C probe lengths. SHOWN BELOW. These have the sockets mounted separately on 18" long 3/8" flexible steel cable(s). The main part of the units containing the ballast(s), switch, fuse, and power fitting mounts externally a short distance away. Very useful for extremely limited-space applications.

The single-probe model FME-100L-EXT shown below is designed for the standalone heating and air conditioning units commonly installed in motels and hotels using a slab cooling coil (two are recommended for A-coil applications). The socket and 16" ultraviolet-C lamp mounts inside (illuminating  the cold air side of the coil), and the other portion mounts on the outside or under the unit. Only $479.

Air Probe Sanitizer FME-100L-EXT with 16" UV-C probe. Dual-probe models are also available. Click to see another view.

Click photo above for another view

All residential models are now available with 16" long UV probes.

The E-200, FME-200, and some other models models are IN STOCK.

Air Probe Sanitizer dimensions- click to enlargeTYPICAL DIMENSIONS


Standard residential double-probe units (E-200, FME-200, or T-200)are 17" L x 6" W x 2.2" D. Click here or the image to see drawing with dimensions.
Standard residential single-probe units (E-100, FME-100, or T-100)are 8" L x 6" W x 2.2" D
Other standard lengths are stocked. (See below)


T-200 and E-200 (8" lamps): approx. 11".
T-100L, T-200L, E-100L or E-200L (16" lamps): approx. 18.75".
FME-100 and FME-200 models:
The dimension from the socket mounting surfaces (the outside of your duct or air handler) to the ends of the standard 8" lamps is approx. 9 inches.
FME-100L and FME-200L models: The dimension from the socket mounting surfaces (the outside of your duct or air handler) to the ends of the 16" lamps is approx. 16.75" inches.

  • The standard lengths of the models E-200, T-200, FME-200, E-200L, T-200L, and the FME-200L dual probe Air Probe Sanitizers are 17 inches, not counting the inch or so that the fuse, switch, and electrical fitting (shown above on the end of the E- and FME- models) stick out past the end.
  • If a 17" dual probe unit is too long for your application, then a 15" length is available and usually in stock (of course, the 15" length reduces the probe (lamp) spacing accordingly). Any length can be made quickly....
  • Custom lengths are available (usually at no extra charge), and typically only take a couple of extra days or so.
  • The standard probe (lamp) spacing is 13 inches from the center of one probe to the center of the other probe. The distance between the glass portion of the probes about 12" for the E-200, FME-200, T-200, E-200L, FME-200L, and T-200L as shown above. The probe spacing and/or orientation may be either changed by us (preferred), or field-changed; please view the videos for more information.
  • A 16" long lamp is also available where necessary in residential 1 and 2 probe units. Add an "L" (for long probe) to the model number; for example: FME-200L. NOTE: The 16" lamps require different ballasts, and so they cannot be used in standard units; neither can 8" lamps be used in units with the ballasts for 16" lamp models. Replacement 16" lamps are $55 each.
  • If any dimension in your particular application is critical, please contact us before ordering.


Click here to jump to prices section


Can I use the Air Probe Sanitizer with my existing heating and air conditioning system?
There is no HVAC system which cannot use the Original Air Probe Sanitizer. Almost all systems can use the E-200 or FME-200 above, but it can be manufactured to fit any size air conditioner (usually at no extra charge). The original Air Probe Sanitizer is made of extruded aluminum and all stainless steel connectors.

How does the Air Probe Sanitizer work?
Nearly all HVAC (central heating and air conditioning system) systems have the ideal conditions for the growth of mold, mildew, and other hazardous air pollutants. There are volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air and also the very common problem of fine organic dust, germs, mold spores, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens.

The air in your home, office, school or hospital circulates anywhere from 250 to 400 times per day through the HVAC system. The air passes through the germicidal ultraviolet air purification produced by the Air Probe Sanitizer. The Air Probe Sanitizer produces 2500 times more germicidal effect than the amount in the sunlight that reaches the earth's surface, using a carefully selected, optimum portion of the UV-C ultraviolet spectrum (yes, all "UV-C" light is not the same). After 24 hours, the air you breath will be so clean, you can actually feel and see the difference.

It also generates helpful negative ions and hydroxyls, which naturally occur in the atmosphere, to scrub pollution and odors from the air in your building.

The Air Probe is installed safely and out of sight inside your air conditioning and heating system to kill the source of the problem using the high-energy UV-C form of ultraviolet energy.

Is the ultraviolet light safe?
The original Air Probe Sanitizer uses the UV-C form of ultraviolet air purification. UV-C is known as short wave UV. It has very low penetration abilities, so it cannot go through walls or ductwork. It produces no harmful ozone, gases, etc. But at the same time it has been found to be most effective in destroying the DNA of bacteria, mold, mildew and other allergens. Properly installed, you cannot be exposed to any ultraviolet light rays (which can be harmful to your eyes or skin) from the Air Probe Sanitizer.

Some inferior competitive products carry the warning "Can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision". This would be because their UV lamps also emit dangerous UV-B (short wave) ultraviolet radiation (the Air Probe Sanitizer does not). This also represents wasted and useless UV energy. See the lamp comparison chart for more information. But even if someone should look at the Air Probe Sanitizer lamps (not recommended), the UV-C radiation cannot penetrate the cornea of the eye and damage the delicate retina. 
Regardless, you should not look at UV lamps without wearing some kind of glasses (you might experience delayed eye surface pain). Properly installed in your central air handler, this will not happen.

Does the Air Probe Sanitizer produce ozone?
NO. The Air Probe Sanitizer is classified as non-ozone producing. It purifies and sanitizes the air with UVC light and hydroxyls, with none of the disadvantages of ozone.

The UVC wavelength of the germicidal UVC lamps that are used in the Air Probe Sanitizer (253.7 nanometers) does not produce ozone. The UV wavelength of other brands of UVC germicidal lamps that do produce ozone is shorter, 180 to 220 nanometers.

What is the difference between the Air Probe Sanitizer and duct cleaning?
The Air Probe Sanitizer purifies and sanitizes all the air in the building constantly, 365 days per year. Duct cleaning and/or sanitizing lasts only one day and does not purify the air. Remember that dirty air makes dirty ducts; dirty ducts do not make dirty air.

Will it eliminate odors? Yes. It will eliminate odor from pets, cooking, mold, mildew, chemicals, paint, carpeting, etc...!

Is there any maintenance? The probes (UV-C lamps) should be wiped clean once per year. Probes should be replaced once every two years (three years at most). The lamps' UV-C output drops about 12% per year, and the UV-C output after three years is about 67% of a new probe.

Is it expensive? No. For all that it does (sanitizes and purifies the air, reduces dust, destroys odors, sanitizes the ducts and airhandler, helps the a/c run more efficiently - EVERYDAY!) it is very cost effective!

Compared with duct cleaning, which really only lasts one day, it would be like cleaning your ducts everyday, plus all of its other benefits. (Remember, dirty air is what makes the ducts dirty to begin with). If it costs $200 to clean your ducts once, it would cost $73,000 to have them cleaned everyday for a year.

Is it easy to install? Yes. It couldn't be easier. The video shows how simple it is. The E-200 comes with mounting screws and cover switch (not shown). Any good air conditioning man (or mechanical contractor, qualified electrician, etc.) should find this the easiest thing he's ever had to do, and one of the quickest. too. Free tech support is available from us, if needed. Units come with wires for internal installation as shown in above photos. The wires can be replaced with 16/3 cord or covered with flexible metal conduit. NOTE: Direct UV-C light from the lamps is harmful to eyes and skin. Equipment using these lamps must screen them completely from direct view.




  • Superior, Dual Ultraviolet-C lamp
  • High-purity quartz envelope, specific coated, sealed gas.
  • Easy tilt-in locking 4-pin socket mounting.



  • The glass filters out the 185 nm ozone- forming line.


  • Each 8" Lamp: 11 watts (11,000,000 uW) @ 253.7 nm total. DOUBLE THIS FOR THE STANDARD 2-PROBE MODELS.
  • Each 16" Lamp: 22 watts (22,000,000 uW) @ 253.7 nm total. DOUBLE THIS FOR THE STANDARD 2-PROBE MODELS
  • A clear protective coating on the inside limits the depreciation of the useful UV-C radiation output. Virtually unaffected by the low temperatures typically found inside an air conditioner.


  • 10756 uW per sq. CM in reflective aluminum duct measured @ 6" (8" lamp models)
  • 21512 uW per sq. CM in reflective aluminum duct measured @ 6" (16" lamp models)


  • 120 volts, 220 volts, 240 volts, or 277 volts AC 50-60 Hz
  • 18 watts per lamp (single phase)
  • Fuse protected and switched


  • Aluminum extrusion with 1" flanges on each of two sides, for support and mounting.


  • Solid-state electronic programmed start. Input current automatically adjusts to any input voltage between 120 and 277 volts.

Commercial models also available.

We are currently looking for other qualified heating and air conditioning firms that might like to install these. Your customers with allergies, mold problems, and bothersome odors will thank you for this! Please contact us for discount price information for both residential and commercial systems. We guarantee that this is superior to ANY whole-building air purification system that you may be currently be selling or considering.


* HVAC = Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

The best air purification system available anywhere at ANY price.


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UV Lamp Comparison
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What to look for in an Ultraviolet-C air purifier


Customer testimonial letters and independent lab tests


Hydroxyls and Air Purification


UV information in other newsletter


Ultraviolet light air disinfection

Central air purifier uses high-energy ultraviolet-C light to effectively control odors; sterilize the air from viruses, bacteria, and germs; remove mold spores, mildew, stachybotrys and black mold, most common house dust particles, weed pollen, and other allergens and contaminants in large and small heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


We spend 90% of our time inside buildings, and experts say 90% of air pollution is inside buildings. Many heating and air conditioning systems have the ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other hazardous air pollutants and allergens.
Allergies, headaches, watery eyes, runny noses and sore throats have become commonplace.
The original  Air Probe Sanitizer purifies and cleanses the air, kills odors, and helps prevent the transmission of disease and sickness using special UVC light.

All UV-C light is not the same.



The Original Air Probe Sanitizer™ may be tax deductible. Popup more info


Brochures available upon request.

Strongest ultra germicidal air purification and UV air disinfection system available.


UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) classified for use in HVAC * systems.


UV lamps are...

- Made from a special high- purity synthetic coated quartz that resists deterioration by UV-C rays, which occurs in many similar lamps. Two years illumination average life, only 15% deterioration in UV-C output after 1 year.

- Easily replaceable, only $29 each.

 - Same process as sunlight, only 2500 times more potent.

 - NO OZONE produced, and does so much more than even the most sophisticated filtration systems.

We have one installed here, and although it does not produce as many negative ions as our IG-133- series room ionizers, we are very pleased with it! It does everything the inventor claims.



Please call us at our normal business hours. No online ordering is available for the Air Probe Sanitizer.


A FanHandler equipped system keeps the air gently flowing past the UV-C lamps on the Air Probe Sanitizer. Because the blower runs continuously at a very low speed (and it automatically speeds up when the system calls for it), the UV lamps are always doing their job zapping slow-moving contaminants.

Extremely useful in northern climates in the spring and fall months when the air conditioner/furnace fan is normally off.




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