Wholesale Air Purifiers
Reseller and quantity price discounts available



Almost anyone can become a reseller, dealer, or distributor of our air purification products.

We are happy to provide them at quantity discounted wholesale prices to companies and individuals.

There are no fees, dues, or initial investments required (other than, of course, the actual cost of the merchandise) nor do you have to "join" anything.

We are also working on a dealer web site program, and welcome your inquiries.

Are you an established heating and air conditioning firm? The Original Air Probe Sanitizer - Whole-house UV-C central air germicidal purifier and sterilizerWe are looking for people like you that might like to install the Original Air Probe SanitizerTM. Your customers with allergies, mold problems, and bothersome odors will thank you for this! Licensed HVAC professional installers please contact us for discount price information for both residential and commerciall systems. We guarantee that this is superior to ANY whole-building air purification system that you may currently be selling or considering.

We are also looking for more qualified HVAC professionals as installers for the Air Probe Sanitizer whole-house ultraviolet central air purifier.

Dealers, please contact us for access to our wholesale price information.

Reseller tips and info:

  • You can sell them for any price you wish, tacking on professional fees, etc. which would raise your profit.
  • YOU MAY MIX most models of ionizers or DustGrabber to arrive at the above discount rates.
  • Discounts apply to orders shipped to the same person/company, and address.
  • You should specify the discount amount that you are entitled to (if any) at the time you place your order. Ordering online does not automatically calculate special reseller discounts.
  • If you have not purchased anything from us before, we suggest that you obtain one item before you order a large quantity of that item.
  • We would like to know where these are being sold (Web site or whatever), so we can keep track of the information and how they are being advertised (we don't want to get in trouble because someone is selling them as a disease cure, etc.). In no case will we solicit your customers, and if one of them should happen to figure out where you get them from and tries to purchase cases direct from us, then we'll refuse and refer them to you.
  • Of course, a reseller must not misrepresent, nor make any medical claims about our products: either on a web site, by mail, by phone, or any other means. You should put copyright, trademark, and disclaimer notice on your web site or advertising information like the one we have on our legal page, in order to protect our copyrighted information (if applicable).
  • We do not participate in spamming and we maintain a zero tolerance spam policy. Those who enter into business relationships with us (including, but not limited to, affiliates and joint venture partners) and choose to promote our products or services, or Comtech Research LLC affiliated products or services using spam, will have their relationship with Comtech Research LLC immediately terminated, and may be subject to legal action.
  • Comtech Research reserves the right to modify and revise the requirements and dealer and/or distributor qualifications and terms for our products, including our ionizers and accessories, at any time, without incurring obligation.

We would be happy to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like to place an order.