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Press Releases

Press Releases

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May 19, 2005

Noted Manufacturer and Distributor of Negative Ion Generators Takes Exception to the May 2005 Consumer Reports® Article About "Ionizing Air Cleaners"

South Greenfield, Missouri-May 19, 2005--Is it really possible for Consumer Reports to  make a mistake?

Michael J. Waters, President of Comtech Research LLC, an Internet-based company that manufactures and distributes negative ion generators and air purifiers, says "we happen to know enough about the subjects reported on to say that the Consumer Reports article sure does need some clarification."

After praising Consumer Reports as a "valuable resource of information" and saying "I certainly consult Consumer Reports whenever I am about to purchase a car, riding mower, or major appliance," Mr. Waters goes on to state that he "about lost all faith in Consumer Reports when (they) did a review on a competitor's air purifier some time ago on a product that really helped his wife's sensitivity to... perfumes."

Mr. Waters claims that Consumer Reports' illustration in the May 2005 article 'is really an electrostatic precipitator' NOT an ionizer. '...there are companies selling this kind of stuff, claiming that they are ionizers. But that does NOT make them ionizers,  even if ions are generated inside the unit.'"

He continues, "When Consumer Reports decides to do a review on a given class of products, do they automatically take in all the knowledge of all the engineers, scientists, researchers, etc.?"

According to Comtech Research LLC, statements in the CR article, such as "Ionizers...are adding ozone indoors" and "...ionizers create ozone as a byproduct...", are "not always the case, provided they are designed and built properly."  He adds "We know what it takes" to design and build a negative ion generator properly.

The entire article may be viewed at

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Katie Waters, director of public relations
Comtech Research LLC

About Comtech Research LLC:
A family-owned Internet company, in business since 1989.

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