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Ultraviolet-C light generates cleansing Hydroxyl.


What is Hydroxyl?
And how can you use it to clean your indoor air?



Hydroxyl is a safe, highly effective, and naturally-occurring compound in the earth's atmosphere that scrubs pollution from air.


Hydroxyls and hydroxyl radicals are formed when UV-C radiation from the sun shines on water vapor in the atmosphere. Negative hydroxyl ions helps clean the air.

Hydroxyl ions are also formed when the Air Probe Sanitizer's special ultraviolet lamps emit UV-C rays. The UV light shines on the water droplets on your air conditioner's cooling coil, and water vapor in the air in your ducts.


Hydroxyl ions will eventually clean dirty, smelly, plugged A/C cooling coils and ductwork. We have personally seen that happen.


And hydroxyl has none of the disadvantages of ozone.


Click to read more about how hydroxyl ions generated by the Air Probe Sanitizer™ can help eliminate indoor air pollution in your indoor environment.

Technically speaking:

  • The hydroxyl ion (OH-) consists of a hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom with a shared electron.
  • Hydroxyls and hydroxyl radicals are formed when UV-C radiation from the sun strips the hydrogen (H) atoms from water molecules (H20), forming hydroxyl (OH) and a little hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which helps clean the air.
  • It utilizes the special hydrogen bond, which is a molecular bond formed only between the hydrogen atom and other atoms. The effects of hydroxyl ions on organic (carbon-containing) compounds is pronounced.


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