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The best choice based on your selection is one of these room ionizers.

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We suggest one of these high-output room ionizers. All are the same quality, but with different features (explained below)

Room Ionizer

IG-133A High-density negative ionizer
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Budget-priced, high-density ion output. The best choice if all you want is negative ions.

Suggested placement is near the front edge of your table or bedroom dresser.

Metallic surface on top helps direct the ions towards the front of the unit and increase the ion output under varying conditions.

Includes SSE stainless-steel ion emitter.

Room Ionizer

IG-133DG Ionizer
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With two metallic dust collector surfaces powered by our exclusive built-in DustGrabber™ circuit.

The DustGrabber feature helps keep dust and other pollutants from forming on nearby surfaces.*

Recommended for highly polluted areas such as where smoke is present.

May be placed near the front edge of your table or bedroom dresser.

Includes the CFE-2 long-life ion emitter ($29.95 value).

Room Ionizer

IG-133DGB Ionizer for Ceiling or Wall mounting
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or Purchase

Designed for overhead ceiling or wall mounting.

Exactly the same as the model IG-133DG to the left, but with mounting brackets.

Mounting screws are available on request; please specify what kind of surface you will be mounting it on.


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Note that ionizers (negative ion generators) are often not the best solution for persistent, strong odors. We have other air purifiers for that.

* Any negative ionizer should be kept two feet or more from other surfaces (other than the table or other surface they are placed on).
The reason: Negative ions may be attracted to another surface, instead of going out into the room where they can do their job!

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