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> UVC Air Purifying Lights: Effectiveness and Longevity

Comparison charts: UV-C Germicidal Lamps for Air Purification
All "UV-C" lamps are not the same.

Chart - impure UV spectrum of ordinary germicidal ultraviolet lampsChart - germicidal UV-C lamp spectrum of the probes used in the Air Probe Sanitizer

  The chart to the left shows the wide, impure ultraviolet spectrum of inferior "UV-C" lamps.

  • Only the 254 nm germicidal wavelength above the red arrow is actually effective as germicidal and hydroxyl-producing. And note the low output at that that wavelength.
  • Note the ozone-producing spike above the green arrow. Ozone damages air conditioner coils in the presence of ultraviolet light.
  • This light also generates dangerous (not to mention useless) UV-B radiation, which can blind if accidentally viewed even for a short time.
  • And there are many wasted energy spikes. That means less energy is available at the important germicidal wavelength.

  The chart on the right shows the ideal, pure UV-C spectrum of the UV lamp probes used in the Air Probe Sanitizer.

  • Note that almost all the UV-C energy is concentrated at the narrow all-important 254 nm germicidal and hydroxyl-producing wavelength (red arrow above the blue energy spike). The superior lamp engineering and construction results in a nearly perfect UV output.
  • There is almost NO wasted energy in visible light, UV-A and UV-B emission, due to the superior lamp design.
  • That means maximum UV energy is available purify the air and kill germs. These lamps generate intense 254 nm UV-C, 2500 times the amount that reaches the earth's surface on a sunny day.
  • And they produce ZERO ozone.
  • View the lamp specifications below.
  • View the lamp life chart below.

UV-C output from the Air Probe Sanitizer UVC LAMPS vs. hours operating time
(9000 hours is over a year)

Graph: UV-C light output verses hours operating time

After over one year of continuous operation, the UV-C light output from the Air Probe Sanitizer lamps has decreased by less than 15%.

All Air Probe Sanitizer UV-C lamps are rated at over 20,000 hours of continuous service (approx. 30% loss in UV intensity), and replacement UV lamps (probes), with a two-year limited warranty, are only $29.00 each.

The UV-C output decreases about 12 to 15 percent per year. They often have been run  three years (approaching 30,000 hours).

Specifications (partial list):

    The purifying lamps (UV-C probes) provided with the Air Probe Sanitizers are very high quality and optimized for this application.
    Superior ultraviolet-C lamps, High-purity special synthetic quartz glass envelope, specific coated internally, sealed gas. Easy tilt-in locking 4-pin socket mounting. A clear protective coating on the inside of the quartz glass tubes limits the depreciation of the useful UV-C radiation output (called "solarization").
    253.7 Nanometers (nm), the germicidal and purifying hydroxyl-generating wavelength). Almost all of the ultraviolet energy is concentrated at this very important wavelength, so there is almost no wasted ultraviolet energy produced
    (such as useless and highly dangerous UV-B radiation).
  • NON-OZONE-PRODUCING: The special quartz glass filters out the 185 nm ozone- forming wavelength.
  • ACTUAL UV-C POWER OUTPUT from the purifying lamps:
    Standard 8" Lamps: 11 watts (11,000,000 uW) @ 253.7 nm.
    16" long lamps: 22 watts (22,000,000 uW) @ 253.7 nm.
  • The UV-C probes are about 8" long, but because they are actually two lamps side-by side, the effective length (gas arc discharge path) is about 16" (32" for 16" probes).
  • Cost of probe (UV lamp) replacement is only $29.00 per 8" probe. The UV-C light output decreases only about 12 to 15 percent per year, and they often can go three years (approaching 30,000 hours)!
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS for the standard 8" UV-C lamp Air Probe Sanitizer units:
    Any voltage between 108 volts and 300 volts AC 50-60 Hz. Intellivolt™ ballasts automatically sense the input voltage and adjust the input power line current as required.
    18 watts per 8" UV lamp (single phase).
    Each unit is fuse protected and switched.
    Solid-state electronic programmed-start ballasts, with lamp end-of-life sensor, now with 5-year limited warranty. (8" lamps). 16" lamps use magnetic ballasts.
  • UV-C POWER INTENSITY in microwatts (uW) per square centimeter, measured in reflective 12"x12" aluminum duct measured @ 6" from a single lamp:
    5378 uW per sq. CM in 12"x12" aluminum duct measured @ 6" per 8" lamp.
    10756 uW per sq. CM in 12"x12" aluminum duct measured @ 6" per 16" lamp. 

    UV-C output is virtually unaffected by the cold temperatures typically found inside an air conditioner.


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